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How to download Torrents on Mac

Very often it feeds the desire to buy an item of new generation and more powerful. Passing though by a less upgraded to a higher, some software are not compatible, such as uTorrent, and Windows could safely use, but on the Mac must have specific precautions.

You just have to have it a little patience in configuring it. If you are interested in this topic, you just have to continue reading the following guide, and to download Torrent Mac.

  • First download it from its official website. The file extension will be .dmg, which is equivalent to .exe of Windows. So installed uTorrent, stressing the various Terms of Service and ignoring any request for additional software installation. At this point, it’s time to start using the program properly.
  • First, get yourself the Torrent file of what you are going to download. On Google, there are dozens and dozens of torrent search sites. You might want to look directly on your search engine, the title of what you want to download, followed by the word torrent, so as to find it right away.
  • Once retrieved the Torrent you want, it’s time to configure the program. After you have opened yourself in the General tab in the window that opens. Then click on the ” Check Now ” and confirm that you want to set as a client uTorrent by default Torrent. Enter now uTorrent so that you can get the maximum download speed of any torrent. Then head in the uTorrent menu > Preferences in uTorrent, select the Network tab, and note the number in the text field Incoming TCP Port. Next, open your favorite browser and go to the address to access the router’s configuration panel.
  • Look for the entry for the firewall or virtual server and create a new rule set as the public port and local port the port number found before in the uTorrent settings. Unfortunately, this step may slightly vary from router to router, but with a little patience and dedication will struggle to find the correct setting, navigating the various menus of your modem. With a modem Netgear, for example, you need to go to Advanced > Advanced Settings > Forwarding / Activation of ports and click +Add, entering the doors you found previously on uTorrent. Good job!