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How to edit or change your Safari home page

Today surfing the Internet is part of our daily life, something we cannot do without. It seems strange to say this, but you’re overwhelmingly in our lives. If you do not use the Internet for work, study, documentation or entertainment, you feel often excluded, out of step with the times. There are many browsers that allow you to surf the web, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

In this guide, we will just Safari. Do not forget that there is a Windows version also. Safari has some special features that make it easy to use. Many times, when you log into a site, it is already set up and ready to be used. In the following guide you will learn, in this regard, how to edit or change your Safari homepage.

  • The immediate opening, whenever we use the Internet browser, if a particular site can often tire out or even nervous. You can actually choose the site you want to open initially using Safari. Generally, we tend to set one on which we sail further as the default, so that it is always present.
  • First, open the Safari browser from the menu below: This is the icon with a celestial compass. Once opened, it automatically opens a default page set by the browser. Go, then, in the upper left, the gray bar, and click ” Safari “. It will open at this point a drop-down menu: click on ” Preferences “. You will, come this far, certainly a good point, then go ahead. This will open a new small window, with a series of options that allow you to manage or change the Internet browser settings that are on your personal computer.
  • Then click on the General ” tab “ : Select, then Safari, and the blank space next to the word ” Home “. Enter the site link you want to load first opening Safari. Then click the window and your settings will automatically be saved. Clearly, you will have to opt for the site to be immediately open to suit your particular needs. This setting will save you time, as very important, if you use, at any time of the day, a computer at work. I can only wish you good luck!

Note : This setting will save you time, as very important, if you use, at any time of the day, a computer at work.