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How to install a VPN on Mac OS X

Virtual Private Network : this is the meaning of Acronym VPN, and it is a private telecommunications network. It spent in the enterprise, to create working groups. This private line leans to the public (ie the internet) and is comparable, in some respects, to the geographical extent of a local network that can connect all the members at a considerable distance. If you are curious about how to install a VPN on Mac OS X, follow the steps in this guide.

To set up a VPN connection, you must enter the configuration parameters of the machine by accessing the Network preferences. the VPN server address are needed, an identifying name for the account, password, and, of course, a certificate provided by the person who administers the network. Once provided the VPN setting document, open it with a double-clicks to access, in return, to ” Network preferences ” : in this way, you can import settings in a completely automatic.

If this method does not work, you act in this way: Click on the top left of your desktop to ” Apple ” > System Preferences > and go to ” Network. ” Here you can select the ” matter ” from the configuration menu ” Actions. ” Simply with a click, then select the VPN setting document to finish the configuration.

If you do not have the said document, and you prefer to manually set the VPN, you need to proceed differently, stretching, of course, the installation time. Open the ” Apple ” menu from your desktop, click on the ” System Preferences ” and then select ” Network. ” At this point, you will have to click ” Add ” (denoted by the symbol “+” ), located in the bottom of the list of services ” connection and network. ” From the popup menu ” interface “, you will then select VPN. Then you will choose the type of connection according to the network to which you want to connect to, so as to be able to name the VPN service in question.

The next step is to enter the server address and the account name identifier that affects the VPN connection. Exceeded even this step Click ” Authentication Settings “, in order to enter the data provided by the network administrator. It just has to confirm the work carried out so far by clicking on ” OK ” and then ” Connect “. If you want to see the icon for the VPN on the menu bar of your Mac, select the ” Show AirPort status in ” menubar will be much more simple and easy to switch from one service to another.