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How to use Ms Office on the Mac without install

You need to write a document of Word, create a PowerPoint presentation, create an Excel or OneNote document, but do not want to occupy the space of your Mac to install Ms Office? Many people are not aware that you can use any Office product directly online, from your browser, thanks to Microsoft Office Online, the cloud version of the homonymous productivity suite, without having to install it on your Mac. Here’s how.

  • The first thing to do to use Office products online is to connect to the Microsoft Office website ( Later, under the sentence ” He started working for free “, we will find an overview that shows all Office products that can be used online. Once you click on the product you intend to use you will need to access or create a Microsoft account for free.
  • In case you do not have a Microsoft account, you must, after having chosen and clicked on the product to use, register by clicking on ” Sign up for a new account. ” At this point, you need to choose a new email address (remember to enter a domain that is ” “) and create a password, which must comply with certain criteria, according to which must contain at least an uppercase letter, one lowercase and one number or a symbol. After completing the filling of the two fields, you can click ” Next “. At this point, you will be recorded, and you will be redirected to the page of the Office product that you have chosen previously.
  • Once you have registered or you have logged in you can use the Office product you have chosen online and free. You need only to click ” blank document ” or on an already predefined format from the program, and you can fully enjoy the features of the Office product. Once you completed the drafting of our files you can save with a name OneDrive (the cloud that will contain your documents), download it to your computer, share it or print it as if we had downloaded the program on our computer.
  • All Office products are free of charge when used online and, despite lacking many functions that only have downloaded programs and Microsoft’s payment, are perfect for personal use and not professional.