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The Best Widgets for Mac

Nowadays, many users are using a Mac. For several years, the boom that has sparked this famous company has spilled around the world, becoming a trademark of guarantee and excellence in its products.

Especially in its portable, the now-famous MacBook. The dashboard is an important application installed on Mac OSX devices that can be accessed by pressing the appropriate key. It is a semitransparent environment where the user has the ability to get on his screen all the widgets apps that the user wants to have.

The purpose of the dashboard is to create a light, fluctuating window that makes it easier and more efficient for your computer screen by entering all those useful widget-specific applications. This guide provides you with all the information you need to install the best widgets on the MAC OSX platform, which will install the necessary installation and configuration. In this guide, we’ll see what are the best Mac widgets, making a quick run so you can decide what’s right for you.

  • The dashboard includes other special gadgets belonging to MAC applications such as the phonebook, iTunes without the need to open the activities, but taking advantage of the background makes it look directly what you want. The dashboard can be activated where the widgets are visible: this can be activated by pressing the fn + F12 key.
  • When the dashboard is started, the default widgets for the semi-transparent menu are displayed, which can still be eliminated for adding any new utility. To move the widgets, simply drag them to the desired section. The choice of widgets is nothing more than trivial and needs to be done accurately according to your needs, taking into account that the applications used by the dash are read but that in large numbers can be a problem for the CPU.
  • To use the new widget you can click on the icon in the menu by choosing the available widgets located at the bottom of the screen. The best widgets are managers that are utilities that allow you to download and install widgets from your MAC.
  • Another useful system is business that is a useful list of local businesses: it is a good substitute for yellow pages! Other applications are useful flight trackers for those traveling on many air travel; iChat widget to chat in the background and Google to search for information quickly.
  • iCal is used to display the on-screen calendar and weather for weather forecasts. Widgets of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter cannot be missed, and there is also the wikipedia widget as a search engine.
  • What makes a Mac a different way from a Windows system is the widgets we can download and install simply from the Apple Store, and can be useful for the simplest operations. You will not really have enough to find what you need and install it into your operating system. So I wish you good fun. See you soon.