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How to print duplex with Mac

A major problem faced by Mac owners is the difficulty of printing duplicate documents and the inability to save a large amount of paper, that is, to get more money and more attention to the natural environment:

In the following simple and quick guide that will enunciate in the next steps, I will briefly explain how to print duplicate files with the Mac.

  • First, go to the File menu, select the Print item, and then the dialog box that appears may be of two types: big as the half of the monitor or only a few inches wide and, in the latter case, you will have to click on the small blue square containing a small black arrow, with the tip pointing down (immediately the page will open, occupying half screen).
  • Now, the dialog will show a variety of printing options, but you will only be interested in the last text (Text Edit), which will be inserted inside a rectangle and will present at its right end two small black arrows. Point the mouse pointer to the down arrow and click the left button so that the inside of the quadrilateral becomes Two-Sided Printing.
  • Then, underneath the rectangle, a small square (which you will have to point out, pressing the left mouse button once) will appear and the letter Print Both Sides; After confirming that you want to print on both sides of the sheet of paper, there will be two larger quadrilaterals (preceded by the Binding entry and an internally designed open book), which will show the binding options, ie horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • Next, click on the square you prefer and, by doing so, it will color immediately dark gray; Now you have to select the Print item, print the file you want, and then, after playing the first facade, remove the sheet from the printer and insert it again into the paper input hole, remembering that the wholly white part will always turn to the paper, High: If you are unfamiliar with the whole operation, initially it will be better to reproduce test documents, with few inches, to save the ink.

Note : For this type of printing, choose not too fine paper.